Corel Draw Artistic Media Tool Object Sprayer

Corel Draw Artistic Media Tool Object Sprayer


This tutorial demonstrates roughly how to use the object sprayer tool to make a rope. It can be also used to make saw blades and chains and things like that.

at the point where I tweak the shape after contouring I used the perspective tool. That should have been done earlier before or after the first contour and perspective may not have been the ideal way to do it, when making videos I do some things haphazardly to keep the video moving along, normally I would have played around with that to decide on the best way to do it and apply it to all four corners.

The arrow shows where there is a blip in the adjacent rope band from the contour. I usually catch that sort of thing when I'm not making a video. I have more time to look it over and think about it.

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