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Which Font To Use For A Rat Rod Shop Sign


I am getting ready to design the sign that my uncle wants to hang outside his little garage. He obtained a piece of stainless sheet that is 18 inches by 14 inches rectangular. He wants something like a old 50 model Ford pickup on it and saying something like "Beck's Antique Auto Shop" on it. I can't figure out what font to use that would look really good on the sign for an old auto shop. I have looked at some TrueType fonts on the computer but didn't see anything that really looked like it would work. I have looked at the site and they have lots of fonts, which most of them are not compatible with plasma cutting. Also, it looks like most of those fonts are not TrueType. I don't know if they would even work for me. I would sure appreciate some direction which way to go on this. Maybe some of your favorite fonts that would look appropriate for this sign. Thanks, Tom
not much room to get too fancy - fonts are like graphics as far as plasma-friendliness - keep looking or start modifying

try tattoo fonts and grafitti fonts

most font formats you find will work in windows but truetype and opentype are most common

here's some possibilities I saw on this computer

Ok, thanks a lot. I am learning a lot on your site. The Oklahoma Font looks pretty good. I was wanting something that I would not have to modify the B's, A's and such. If the Oklahoma is not on my computer can you tell me where to find it? Again, thanks
Gary, one last question. If I go and search for the Oklahoma Font there are tons of different sites that have it . Can you recommend to me a couple of the safest font sites that won't try to download malware or something to my computer? I appreciate your time greatly. Tom
that's not something I keep track of, they all seem to be equally safe and equally not-safe, and font sites are no different than any other sites

they're safe to the extent that they do provide a link to download the font, and the font is safe to download and use

the problem is the font download link is very obscure

and it is surrounded by prominent ads that say "download now" or "start download"

those links are what's not safe and could lead to all sorts of malware

below are screenshots of the top four search results for "oklahoma font"

the safe font download links are outlined in green

the unsafe ads are outlined in red

those are often marked as ads with small right-arrow symbols (which I marked with a red arrow)

if you click on the actual font download link, it downloads a .ttf font file, and you're safe

if you click on the wrong links, they take you to other pages and start other downloads, which could be .exe executable files, and those can actually install software on your computer if you actually open or run such links

in all cases shown, it is not the site that is not safe, it is google ad services that is serving those unsafe ads on all four pages, (and on a zillion other pages across the internet, all the time), so it's hard to tell if any such site is any safer than any other

Thank you much for the lesson. Wow, like walking through a minefield. I never knew to always watch out for the little (>X) in a corner of an add. I think this kind of thing is what my daughter did on her computer awhile back. Her computer got soooo slow. I have a service I get from centurylink that twice a year they will take control of the computer and give it a major de-virus, de-malware tuneup. They found tons of junk. Straightened it right up. Mo was planning to discontinue that service for cost cutting reasons. I think I will get it gone through again first before I discontinue it.
I plan on buying some of your collections soon. I saw in one of your collections you had shapes. I thought one of the shapes there would be usable for my uncles little sign. One question, if instead of having a solid silhouette shape, how is the easiest way for me to turn it into just an outline, let's say a 3/8 inch border? My old Plasmacam program may be able to do this, I will have to dig into it and see.
Thanks again for all your help. Tom
Griffin was very nice, since I only have a 18 inch by 14 inch for the sign I am afraid I would not be seen well. I did save it for future use though. Thanks

Gary, since my sign is going to be on the small side, what font do you recommend that will be good looking but still can be seen on such a small sign? I am looking at your 50 ford truck or a rat rod I saw on PlasmaSpyder for the vehicle on it. Thanks, Tom
there's so many ways to do that and things to consider

how thick is the material

how fine of detail can I cut in SS and is my kerf compensation right on the money

at cutting speed do my corners come out nice and sharp or rounded or totally blown out

does the SS pierce good or should I minimize pierce points

if not sure then hopefully I'd have some extra material for test cuts

or I'd have to go with a very simple and very bold design with less detail and complexity

then which font to use depends on what vehicle I'm using and how much space I have around it

one big difference between these two designs is the 1st has features as thin as .06" and the 2nd is .1" minimum material width

I'd probably tweak the bumper, headlights and left front wheel to eliminate most of those extra thin details

and both could have far fewer pierce points than shown

that's the short answer... :h2: :r3: :r2: :smoke:

Gary, absolutely beautiful signs. Wow. he is going to be tickled to see these. Thank you so very much. Tom
Gary, being new to all this, are these dxf files I can use on my Plasmacam computer? Tom
no, those are .jpg images, the below attached .zip files contain .dxf files



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i agree with all of this not much room to get too fancy - fonts are like graphics as far as plasma-friendliness - keep looking or start modifying try tattoo fonts
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