Stationary Router Mount

Stationary Router Mount


Ok, I can live without a plasma table, but not without a router. And, I can get by with a small router, better than a big one, to make mostly small precision parts. So I established a little 2x3 router bed on the Z axis, and a removable stationary router mount, complete with closed loop router speed control, automatic tool height sensor plates, and usb alignment camera, all on the same BOB as the plasma, just using a different mach3 profile, which swaps the Y and Z axxii, uses different spindle output pins, and has a different home position.

In this case the tool is grounded, so the tool touch plates on the bed are isolated and work just like the ohmic shield on the torch, same wiring, so the router bed can just stay on the Z axis, and doesn't interfere with plasma cutting.

I had to do some whittling on the Z to get a full 2" of travel out of it, 2" x 3" is the minimum travel I needed for my circuit board fixture.

Wow that's impressive stuff, never seen that done before, you are coming up with some really good ideas, nice work.
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