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Even with the wording around him?
ah - that becomes a little more challenging but that dog's face looks like it can be smaller than usual - I don't think it will be a problem but its tall because his ear is as tall as his face and the text takes away from the 18" - but the face is simple and the ears (and face) don't have to be exactly as tall as the photo and his left ear practically looks too tall so that can be reposed less tall and it will look better as an image

and if there is an issue then this picture is ideal to over or under lap the ears with some of the text and sometimes that makes a sign look more awesome than normal - it looks less flat - and in this case that probably should be done to keep the sign from being tall and skinny

that photo is very well suited to be smaller than usual - its practically ideal - so no problem however you want it
files sent
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