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Badge Victoria Texas Police Deputy Chief

30” tall should work. I can scale it as needed just too busy to make all my files.

The flags can be deleted if need be…I know that’s a lot of detail in a small area.
the flags do have too much small detail to cut - it could be done with air scribe engraving - but drawing them correctly would be a science project

one other issue is the text in the white ring is 1/2" tall - the attached image shows red outlined font details that will not cut (.05" kerf width shown) - the green is .1" wide standard bridge width - the cyan is .07" wide spacing in that font and between letters at that size - that one word in particular is really packed in there - and at 1/2" tall all of that text is not going to look or cut as sharp as the other text

is that text in the white ring required?

click to expand the image...
You can scale it taller and wider if need be to help with the letter size or just scale the letters larger in that area we don’t have to keep same proportions
As long as the words are there.
ok - with the way the letters are confined in that space there is no room to scale the letters without scaling everything

I will draw it 30" tall with .07" spacing - and that can be scaled to any larger size - at 42" tall it would become .1 spacing - which is what I normally try to have - many customers don't seem to have much trouble with .07" spacing but that has more to do with kerf width, material and settings than the drawing - so 30" might work great for you - if you post a picture of the result I will learn a lot from that -

$25 - payment link - thanks
I normally wait for payment before even scheduling any job but I decided to get this done while I had it on the screen - the spacing in that small text came out around .08"
I sent the files by private message on this forum - so I deleted your post with your email address

thanks so much
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