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what file do I save if I am using Vcarve pro?

Rick Estes

I am trying to pull up files on my software and I get a pop up saying its not compatible what download to I need to make these compatible with VCarve pro?
what file(s) are trying to "pull up"?

what does "pull up" mean exactly?

vcarve pro can open/import .dxf and .eps

I can't-find and haven't-noticed any file(s) on here that vcarve pro won't open
convert what to what?

technically, you cannot "save" or "upload" "to" vcarve pro - whatever you mean by that is not clear at all

phrases like "pull up" and "save or upload to" are not descriptive of any specific vcarve file handling procedure that I am aware of

All I know is, I can download any DXF on here and open it in, or import it into, vcarve pro with no problems

Likewise, I can download and unzip any .zip file and utilize the included DXF and EPS files in vcarve pro with no problems

Only if you describe exactly what steps you take with exactly which file and exactly what happens - then it might be possible to figure out what's wrong
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