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File won't open


I have come across a couple dxf files that will not open in autocad. When I go to open it says to "enter a numerical value" then it closes the drawing.
I would need to know which file(s) to have a look - if there is an error I can fix it -

I have no clue if you are talking about new files, old files, or where to look because there are lots of files, in lots of locations, and lots of possible causes of lots and lots of potential errors - and errors are so rare I can't imagine what it might be

and it might not matter but I would think there must be additional more specific error information -

I've never known autocad to be ambiguous about DXF errors - it typically displays a specific error message and the line number where the error occurred - then it says press enter - when you press enter it aborts the open operation - it does not close the drawing per se because it never opened it

I'm pretty sure it would not simply say that and then close the drawing
It tries to load the file, black screen "Press Enter to Continue", press enter and it closes. I have tried it on autocad 2016 and 18. I have all the bundles and this is the first ones I have come across. Super Bundle_West Cutting horse 2 and 3.
ah - you emailed me last week and I emailed new files back - the old files were doa not just dxf but none of the vector formats would open in any software so I had to go way back to find the original originals to restore them

Error reports are so rare I couldn't believe I was getting another one - it did not occur to me that this was the same as the email because I assumed the email had been resolved

I don't know of anything wrong with the new files I sent you by email and they open in the AutoCAD DXF viewer (see attached image)

did you not get my email with new files last week?

hmm, I resent the email - let me know if you don't get it - some emails aren't getting through on gmail here lately
yes that's the email address I used - I deleted your email address from your post - I just do that out of caution
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